Alix (LMvsMonde3) balance on Vivian and Beverly, they taclent in return (PHOTOS)

After the revelations of Alix on the couple’s Beverly / Vivian, the two candidates of The Villa, the battle of the couples were keen to give their version of the facts.

A few days ago, Alix Marseille vs. the rest of the World 3 swing that Vivian was perhaps not as sincere as he claimed to be with Beverly. In fact, you’ve probably forgotten, but the young woman had briefly participated in The Villa, the battle of the couples, where she played the role of a “temptress” at a party between boys. After the revelations of the young woman, first, it is Beverly who wished to respond. Very visibly affected by the situation, the young woman confides on Instagram : “I am touched, it pains me to see girls like this who invent things on my couple”.

Alix (LMvsMonde3) balance sur Vivian et Beverly, ils la taclent en retour (PHOTOS)

Determined to deny the words of Alix, Beverly continues : “You say that Vivian is evil spoken of me, off, impossible, the pretenders like you at this time, you never had any off ! I have all the evidence, all the candidates were there to say that you mens. Stop saying shit (…) Vivian and me, we can’t accept it”. On his side also, Vivian has ratted on his account Instagram, revealing : “I am very reassembled, compared to about Alix. Of course everything is fake, she is ready to do anything for the buzz (…) It is ridiculous and pathetic on his part”. Then, Alix, who unveiled recently whether or not she was in a relationship with Benjamin Samat after The Marseille vs. the rest of the World 3, has she really been lied to for the buzz ? Mystery for the moment !