Alix (LPDLA6) girlfriend with the ex of Benjamin Samat, this is amazing (VIDEO)

Alix has a girlfriend with an ex of Benjamin Samat, and we offer you to discover her identity in this article.

During Marseille VS the rest of the World season 3, Alix and Benjamin Samat have made as a couple, and some time after the end of the shooting, they separated… And when the adventure that recently took place in Asia, they met and got back together ! And obviously, they are still a couple ! But we were more amazed at the writing in melty, it is to discover that Alix was a great friend with Camille Wheat that will soon land in The Princes and Princesses of Love season 2 and clasher with Elsa Dasc ! The proof is in the photo just below…

Alix (LPDLA6) copine avec l'ex de Benjamin Samat, c'est étonnant (VIDÉO)

The two young women are found in Maeva the time of an evening and we could see they got on really well ! The next morning, Alix and Camille Froment were still together… The fact that Camille is the ex-girlfriend of Benjamin Samat does not seem to disturb Alix ! And we assume that it was during the shooting of the Princes and Princesses of Love season 2 they became friends… also, please be aware that Maeva Villa of Broken Hearts season 3 has rebuilt his lips and the results are pretty impressive, not like absolutely not internet users !