All American : Why we must give a chance to Brothers Scott 2.0 ?

Clearly, All American, the new series of The CW, has everything to be the version of the Brothers Scott 2.0. And there’s still something to let damn try…

A few days ago she landed on The CW’s All-American, the new series from Cody Christian (Teen Wolf) and Samantha Logan (13 Reasons Why). The story is that of Spencer James (Daniel Ezra), an american football player from South Central Los Angeles, recruited by the high school in Beverly Hills. From the suburbs, it happens in a quiet, upscale neighborhood and is faced with a whole new way of life, while continuing his life as a teenager. The program : stories of love, friendship, rivalries, family dramas, and above all, the struggle of the classes. Unfortunately, the series just to appeal to in France. Yet, All American would appeal to more than one person, when you linger a few minutes on the messages that it conveys.

All American : Pourquoi il faut donner une chance à ce Frères Scott 2.0 ?

All American, it is every Wednesday night on The CW

The plot of All American is very related to american football, we can only see the parallel with the basketball in The Brothers Scott. But it is not the only reason. Over the episodes, we discover that Spencer is actually the half-brother of Jordan and Olivia. If the rivalry is at the beginning between the two young men, one senses quickly that they will not unite and forge links. Spencer and Jordan are the new Lucas & Nathan Scott ? The stories of love and friendship are also, of course, echoes the flagship series of the 2000s… But that resemblance is not the only reason why it would be necessary to give a chance to All American. Through its main characters, the series also highlights the discrimination faced by people of color, and also deals with taboo subjects such as police violence or homophobia. Necessarily, these are topical issues that affect and concern everyone. So that’s also why All American deserves a little bit more to be in the light… And you, have you seen the first episodes ?