Almost everything can reopen in Quebec, including bars and spas [VIDEO]

Presque tout peut rouvrir au Québec, dont les bars et les spas [VIDÉO]

Presque tout peut rouvrir au Québec, dont les bars et les spas [VIDÉO]

The terrace of a bar in Montreal.


25 June, 2020 15: 00

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Almost everything can reopen in Quebec, including bars and spas [VIDEO]

Stéphanie Marin

The Canadian Press

MONTREAL — Almost everything can reopen in Quebec: it is in particular the case of bars, spas, and tourist accommodation establishments.

With this most recent announcement which has an air of summer, the province is almost completely déconfinée.

Quebec comes at a pivotal moment of the re-opening of its activities, said the national director of Quebec public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, at a press conference in Montreal Thursday afternoon. This announcement has been possible “given the evolution of the pandemic in Quebec and the limited effects of the resumption of activities on the curve”, he said.

He points out that it will now be easier – and less time-consuming – to say what is prohibited by reason of the COVID-19 than the opposite.

Three exceptions

Only three sectors will be excepted and shall remain prohibited: festivals and large gatherings, camps with longer stays and the fighting sports, such as boxing – it is obviously impossible to fight in the remaining two meters of his opponent.

It is, therefore, to say that bars, water parks, spas, casinos and gambling houses, tourist accommodation establishments and service companies will be able to resume their activities – it will, however, respect a distance of two metres, even in the wave pools.

For services businesses, telecommuting should be preferred.

Dr. Arruda has clarified that the sectoral rules should be followed. For example, those that apply to the sector of the restoration will apply at the restaurant located in an amusement park.

The side bars, in addition to adhering to the rules imposed on the restaurants, the customer should be seated to limit the movement between the people. Not dance: “this will be a new kind of bars,” says Dr. Arruda.

Said that he was convinced that Quebec will eventually be a second wave of infections, Dr. Arruda recalled that the déconfinement remains conditional to the fulfillment of the sanitary measures put in place.

He insisted on the importance of the distancing of two meters, hand hygiene and the wearing of the covers-face.

“Otherwise we will pay dearly this fall, or maybe even before”.

The company Loto-Quebec, which operates several casinos, welcomed the news. Not only its casinos to resume their business, but the video lottery terminals may also be reactivated in the network of bars.

End of balance sheets daily

Dr. Arruda has also explained the government’s decision – announced on Wednesday – not to balance daily the number of people affected and deaths due to the COVID-19. The data will now be unveiled on a weekly basis, on Thursday.

It is “not a political decision,” he insisted, nor a lack of transparency: “This is not at all to hide anything.”

It has been argued that the number of cases and losses of life declines, in addition to the fact that the deaths were often reported with a little delay: data fluctuaient day-to-day, and therefore were not very “stable”.

“This does not give a very good idea of the trend.”

And then, said Dr. Arruda, “the numbers are more to the downside, and are more to encourage the release”.

It ensures that the public Health, it will have the data every day, and if there is a change, the population will be informed.

In addition, if there has been a resurgence of cases, the health authorities will be able to start the statistics every day.


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