Amelie No : In his elements

Amelie No : Dans ses éléments

Amelie No : Dans ses éléments

On 5 June, Amelie, No. will unveil <em>Part 1</em>, the introduction of a music project pop R & B inspired by the elements.


May 29, 2020

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Amelie No : In his elements

Amelie No : Dans ses éléments

Amelie No : Dans ses éléments

Geneviève Bouchard

The Sun

Four years after its passage in the competition television show The voice, Amélie Nault was surprised to be recognized by people who have a view on the small screen.

“I’m the type legging and t-shirt. While there, it is so polished with the hair and makeup. When someone does recognize me, I say : “oh yeah, you’re able to see a resemblance?”” laughs the young mother, which launches on June 5, a first mini-solo album under the banner Amelie No.

The author-composer-interpreter of Quebec had already gained experience of the business within the group I. No. when she was convinced to try the experience of The voice. A few years later, she tells to have done it backwards, she finds “a little weird” to put music in a context of competition.

Professor of yoga and Pilates — she will have the opportunity to talk on the concepts of ayurveda during the interview… —, lover of tarot, Amelie Naud understands that it was not in its place in the machine, formatted The voice. She did not regret the experience, she has played the game up until the semi-finals, she saw the good. But she also found ugly, especially when a decision of his coach, Ariane Moffatt, to the detriment of another competitor has been exposed as a storm on the social networks.

“I was so happy that my son is too small to be able to read these mean things. After that, it was clear that I didn’t want to be “the daughter of The voice“”sums up, without any bitterness, the one who has intentionally distanced himself rather than rely on the visibility it had on the small screen.

“This is anti-marketing, she says. I think that a business woman or someone more entrepreneur would have surfed the wave. For me, it was the opposite, I’m closed like an oyster. I didn’t want that I’m talking about. I am remote. I wanted to dissociate from it, because I wanted to forget me a little bit.”

The inspiration for a sequel

Next Friday, Amelie, No. will unveil Part 1, the introduction of a music project pop R & B inspired by the elements : earth, fire, water, air, and ether have guided his pen, without too much that she had planned originally.

“It was a premonition, a little, evokes it. It came out in my texts without me realizing it. This was not a concept thought from the start. When I replayed and I recorded the songs, I said to myself : “my God! I speak of fire and water, I’m talking about the wind…””

Surrounded by Sam Joly to the realization, Amelie No has immortalized this first batch of songs, which have been taken images by the illustrator and tatoueuse Mireille Bouchard in the form of tarot cards.

“She has taken the traditional game, and she has often mixtures of two cards to create one that is glued to the text that I wrote and the vibe she felt while listening to the song. It is really a wonderful collaboration,” says Amelie No. She sees it as a link-bearer with their own creation : “I try to write in a kind of blur, so that the listener can interpret according to what it needs… A little like the tarot, at the bottom.”

As its title suggests, Part 1 will have a following before long, especially as its concept is clarified in the mind of the author-composer-interpreter.

“I saved what I could save, ahead she. But I had something else to say. This theme of the five elements, I didn’t finish to explore and tap into that. I am really very inspired. It should come fairly quickly.”

Le Soleil

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