An air of reggae to Jérémy Gabriel

Un air de reggae pour Jérémy Gabriel

Jérémy Gabriel is back on the music scene.

April 24, 2020 15h20

Updated at 16h18


An air of reggae to Jérémy Gabriel

Un air de reggae pour Jérémy Gabriel

Mario Boulianne

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It took four years before Jérémy Gabriel to come back on the front of the music scene. On Thursday, the singer from Quebec has started I Wanna Know about the different platforms of distribution.

This new song to the reggae beat comes four years after I Don’t Care , which launched in 2016. Produced by Jean and Claude Perruno, who also wrote the lyrics and music with Amelia Da Silva, I Wanna Know also offers a touch of rap with the participation of Christian Giroux, aka Chris G.

“We recorded the song last fall in the hope of launching in the spring of 2020, to entrust the Law Jérémy Gabriel. There was considerable discussion as to whether we were to shoot the song now or wait a few more weeks. But after discussion, it was said that in these times of pandemic, there was no really good time and that he had to reach out to the public now. “

Produced and performed in JLM Music in Quebec city, the song may make small, according to the artist.

“We have several songs in our cartons, it is really to see how we will achieve it,” adds Jeremy. It really doesn’t have a specific project for the next few months, but it is clear that there will be a sequel to I Wanna Know, remains to be seen what form it will take. “

The containment and distancing have also disrupted the plans of Jérémy Gabriel, who had a few dates in the diary for the summer of 2020.

“Like all artists, the machine is completely stopped. he explains. In addition to the music, I was in my first year in political Science at the Université Laval. My session was also compromised. We’ll see what the future has in store for us, but all I hope is that this crisis will not leave too many scars in the music industry in Quebec. “

To listen to the clip, click here.

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