An economic recovery that goes through China

Une relance économique qui passe par la Chine

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China could help québec businesses out of the crisis, according to observers.

There is an economy that has already begun its exit from the crisis of the COVID-19 for some time and that could help quebec businesses to do the same, report of the observers. It is called China.

“The chinese economy really picks up again. In fact, she almost never stopped here, in Shanghai ” reported on Tuesday, in a telephone interview with the Duty from the chinese metropolis, Carl Breau, president of the Group Saimen.

Museums [in Shanghai]have never closed their doors and we’re talking again to hold large events in June or July

— Carl Breau


With 80 employees distributed in offices and assembly plants at various points in the China and Montreal, its SMES, including technology companies, foreign get a foothold in the second world economy, there assembles electronic equipment, and to help the organisation of major shows and events.

“While such a thing is still totally out of the question for us, it is expected that the park Disney [Shanghai] to resume its activities within a period of ten days ; the museums have never closed their doors, and it speaks again to hold large events in June or July,” continues the engineer.

“I understand that quebec companies have been much in the management of the crisis in recent weeks, said Carl Breau. But now that they can look up and start planning for recovery, they would be perhaps better not to expect too much of the United States or Europe, where the re-launch promises to be a slow and difficult process, and look rather on the side of China. “

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Favourable Conditions

Jean-François Lépine had a similar message to deliver, Tuesday noon, in the framework of a video conference organized by the Conseil des relations internationales de Montréal (CORIM). “It is extremely important to take advantage of the recovery in China “, has hammered the director of the Québec representation in the country.

The conditions promise to be even favourable, he explained. Not only the escalation of tension commercial and diplomatic to which we had assisted in 2019 in the wake of the case of Huawei was in the process of bringing it to the end of the year, between Beijing and Ottawa, but Canada has continued to score points with the Chinese when they crossed themselves, the crisis of the sars coronavirus.

It was, indeed, much popular in China that, unlike many other countries, including the United States, Canada has not closed its airports to commercial flights chinese, nor accused Beijing and the world health Organization, of complicity in a so-called attempt of camouflage in the first days of the pandemic.

Despite any hard hit in the beginning of the year, China is today ” mode, massive aid to the economic recovery “, but not in the same way as in the last recession of 2008, ” noted Jean-François Lépine. Rather than get out of the crisis by strengthening its exports, the chinese authorities are this time on stimulation of internal consumption demand, which can rely particularly on a new middle class of 450 million people. More rich, but shaken also by the crisis in health and economic, these chinese consumers are more interested in the goods of the best quality, niche products and environmental values.

Beijing also intends to continue its ascent in the global value chains by continuing the development of its sectors of innovation, technology and sustainable development.

The two make the pair

From this point of view, “China is in a mode of development which corresponds very much to what we are able to offer,” pointed out the diplomat from quebec who cites in particular the know-how of Quebec businesses in artificial intelligence, optics, technology, the environment and biotechnology, but also in the sectors of artistic creation, Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory, passing by the theatre for children ” which is very popular in China.”

Already the second largest trading partner of Quebec after the United States, China could double its imports of goods and services if the quebec companies know how to be sufficiently ambitious and determined, and that they benefit from the difficulties he has still to travel to at least get back in touch with their business partners chinese without further ado, or start looking for it.

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