An employee of the home Peter D. Clark died of the COVID-19

Un employé du foyer Peter D. Clark est décédé de la COVID-19

Un employé du foyer Peter D. Clark est décédé de la COVID-19

The flags are at half-mast in front of the fireplace of long-term care-Peter D. Clark in the death of an employee.


20 may 2020 16: 45

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An employee of the home Peter D. Clark died of the COVID-19

Un employé du foyer Peter D. Clark est décédé de la COVID-19

Un employé du foyer Peter D. Clark est décédé de la COVID-19

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The mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, announced that a municipal employee died in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday after contracting the COVID-19.

“It is with sadness that we learned today of the death of an employee of the home long-term care-Peter D. Clark, said Mr. Watson, in the beginning of the press briefing, on Wednesday afternoon. To honor the memory of this individual, I asked what the flags are half-masted at home Peter D. Clark from today, until sunset on the day of his funeral.”

In its update of the epidemiological, public Health, Ottawa (SPO), said to have listed eight deaths of more caused by the new coronavirus since Tuesday, including two more among the residents of the health Centre the Perley and Rideau veterans. The virus has now done 210 victims in the federal capital.

OPS also reports that 25 new confirmed cases of the COVID-19, bringing the total to 1849 through Ottawa.

Re-opening of sports facilities

In accordance with the triggering of the first stage of the déconfinement in Ontario, the City of Ottawa opens its sports facilities and outdoor parks to dogs.

The director of protection services and emergency of the municipality, Anthony Di Monte, recalls, however, that gatherings of more than five people are prohibited by provincial law.

The physician-in-chief of the SPO, Vera Etches, insists on the need to continue to practice the distancing physical, despite the relaxation of rules across Ontario.

“The models show us that if we go too quickly in the relaxation of guidelines to govern our interactions with others, if the practice of distancing physical decreases of approximately 20%, we risk a resurgence of the infections,” said Dr. Etches.

“We are monitoring some data of Apple, Mobility and it shows that people have drastically reduced the use of their vehicle in the early days of this pandemic,” added the physician-in-chief of the SPO. These data show us that it dates back quietly, and we begin to return to our usual activity level.”

If the activities in reduced group may resume in several public spaces, mayor Watson announced Wednesday that the events in large deployment will not be back before a good time in Ottawa.

The judgment of the emissions permit for events with 500 persons or more shall be extended until the end of August, which confirms that there will be no festival or show of large-scale in the federal capital this summer.

Continue efforts

The medical officer of health eastern Ontario (BSEO), Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, stated in a press conference on Tuesday to be worried about the continued respect of the people for the measures of social distancing on its territory. The mayors of the eastern ontario invite their citizens to continue their efforts in order not to overwhelm the balance of the number of positive cases and deaths related to the COVID-19 in the region.

“Every day, we turn on the tv and we hear about the COVID-19. It is sure that two-three months later, it’s less fear and people forget. It is something that is natural to the human. We become too confident and take more chances. It is a pity, it is still necessary to fear of this virus-there,” recalls the mayor of Alfred and Plantagenet, Stéphane Sarrazin. “It is very worrying, but you can’t blame the people. It is hard containment”, lance-t-il.

Dr. Roumeliotis, said he was also worried about the fact that the businesses of eastern ontario to put in place effective health measures, but some customers do sometimes not in their entirety.

The mayor of Russell, Pierre Leroux, wants to be reassuring though and said pertinently that it is only a small portion of the population.

Un employé du foyer Peter D. Clark est décédé de la COVID-19

The mayor of Russell, Pierre Leroux

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“The majority of the citizens follow the rules. I always hope that people take to heart their importance, otherwise one might find themselves in a situation more painful than that in which it is currently. A little patience and persistence in the short-term and it will successfully protect those that you love.”

“We went up there. It would be a shame to let it go. I would like to see the numbers go down again”, also hope the mayor of East Hawkesbury Robert Kirby.

A balance sheet stable

The health Bureau of eastern Ontario has reported no new case nor new death linked to COVID-19 on its territory on Wednesday. The balance sheet therefore remains always of 141 positive cases and 10 deaths. Of this number, only 61 cases are still considered active.

Dr. Roumeliotis also confirmed that the number of tests indicated in its daily update now includes the tests that have been carried out in the homes of long-term care in the last few weeks. To this total is added to those completed in the six screening centres of the BSEO, bringing the balance sheet at 7027 tests.

He also stressed that a policy of random testing should be in place soon, possibly by blood, in order to increase the number of people who will be able to take the test, with symptoms or without. “We’re looking at it,” says the doctor.

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