An hour in the museum

Etienne Plamondon Emond

Special Collaboration

May 16, 2020

Une heure au musée

Photo: Museum of civilization of Quebec
Pandemic requires, the Museum of civilization in Québec city and several museums of the province account for their digital content on the Web.

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At the initiative of the Museum of civilization in Québec city, several museums in Québec comprise their digital content on a single Web site.

Forced to close its doors, the Musée de la civilisation de Québec (MCQ) has had the natural reflex to enhance its online offer. After all, he was already under the hand of the immersion digital in 360 degrees in a variety of permanent exhibitions (It is our history), temporary (Venenum, a world that is poisoned), or even in the past (My look-alike was 2000 years ago). But in the process, he has invited other institutions to join him. “We said that we had to open this initiative to other cultural institutions, particularly to other museums, to have the project in the most unifying and unifying, as well as the most rich as possible, especially for our public and our virtual visitors “, explains Stéphan La Roche, president and ceo of the MCQ.

The site is created, baptized An hour in the museum, offers digital content to other establishments of the old capital. We find the material of the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, the monastery of the Ursulines of Quebec, as well as the Grand Théâtre de Québec. But it also includes initiatives developed by museums of the four corners of the province. Among them, the Centre d’histoire de Montréal, the musée POP of Trois-Rivières, the Musée d’art de Joliette and the maritime Museum of Quebec, located in L’islet.

To make the site dynamic and alive, the MCQ carries out direct with curators, archivists or project managers to discuss a variety of topics. In one of them, the archivist Peter Won reveals his personal collection of candy dispensers fruity PEZ. In the meantime, the institution has invited the people to the house to show in return their collections of any kind. “It is a new way to keep in touch with our audience,” says M. La Roche, who is keen that the platform can continue after the pandemic.

Moreover, the site continues to collect the testimonies of the Québécois confined with his project to Document the pandemic. Mr. Rock indicated that the MCQ has received up to now almost 700 testimonials from individuals of all ages, regions, or social conditions, expressing sometimes long confidences. These stories and photographs will allow historians of the future to better understand the emotions experienced during the events of 2020. But Mr. Rock has already announced that, shortly, the MCQ will carry out a selection of the testimonials and will make some audiences. Like what’s with the digital tools, history in a museum can also be written as day-to-day.

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