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This is the moment when I give you news of the people I have spoken to you over the last few months. And they are pretty good.
The wind has turned

For a year, Steve Fortin was no longer counting the résumés he sent everywhere, but without success.

He is blind.

His eyes are on all fours, his beautiful Manouche follows him everywhere, and he goes wherever he wants with her. He trains at PEPS, he will “see” Red and Gold matches and heavy metal shows. Last year, he showed up with her at his new job and was asked to leave her at home.

It’s impossible

Since then, he has been looking for work in an office, accounting or administration, with five Laval University certificates and software that allows him to work by ear. He can poke with that on his phone, and do what he wants on a computer.

I told you his story two months ago , I told you that he moved heaven and earth to work, to earn a living, to be spoiled.

A very legitimate desire.

I told you that he wanted to see Godsmack’s show, two generous women offered him a ticket for him and another for a person of his choice. It was May 11, he went with his cousin. “It was really great, we had a great evening! But I forgot to take a selfie … ”

Another reader contacted him, his younger brother – who died three years ago at age 49 – was suffering from retinitis pigmentosa like Steve, he offered to accompany him to a football match in the United States. They had dinner together, the current has passed. If all goes well, the trip will take place.

And for work? There have been some openings for positions in the public service, but administrative rules have defeated this option. Too complicated and too long.

Steve finally found. Last week, he officially signed his employment contract with Qualtech, which manufactures stainless steel equipment. He starts in two weeks as a full-time administrative clerk. “We had five games, it went really well. They told me: “Your first job is to find 30 welders!”

The call is launched.

And Manouche? “There is no problem, they will even buy him a cushion …”

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