Andrew Scheer to conquer Quebec

Focus on the third link, lower taxes and the environment. These are three aspects on which Andrew Scheer wants to build his electoral speech, which he believes will be welcomed in Quebec City.
“We want to make life more affordable, while the Trudeau government has increased the cost of living on a daily basis. We have a vision that respects the areas of jurisdiction of the provinces, and that can create jobs, “he said during his visit to the Capital Match.

By being the only party to have said he is in favor of a third tie, Scheer believes he is meeting a priority for the people of Quebec, which will help his party defeat the two seats won by the Liberals in 2015, he said.

Although he did not detail what his future government would do about the budget allocated for the streetcar, Andrew Scheer did not say he was opposed to this project, but he considers that the third link remains the priority transport project. Quebec.

The environment as a priority?

The Conservative leader said he is very proud to present a comprehensive environmental plan that has been well received by the public to date. “We are aware that the environment is a priority throughout Quebec and Canada. We have listed some 50 environmental priorities. People have realized that Justin Trudeau’s approach is not working, “he says.

Among the priority environmental challenges, Mr. Scheer talked about the issue of wastewater spills, as well as offering a tax credit for renovations to reduce energy consumption.

The leader of the Conservative Party intends to talk more about his plan during the election campaign.

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