Andrey Gorbenko: about the strange death of the family institution

 Андрей Горбенко: про странную смерть института семьи

“Mom and dad got divorced and started a new family, I feel so bad about this, here’s a bunch of films about loneliness”.

It is a cultural and social discourse of the last 20 years in the West. They say the traditional family is dying? After all, look what a huge percentage of divorces!

And then, all of a sudden let’s think. They get divorced and no longer married? They get divorced and become polygamous until the end of life? No! They Again marry. That is, they are Again trying to create a Traditional family.
And it’s your end of the traditional family? Odd some odd “death” of the Institute. Most of his are trying to play, most think in its context, most consider it the norm. But stupid politicians have already begun to bury the Institute of parallel collecting crusade in his defense.

And then on the scene anthropologists term “serial monogamy” and a policy is sit in a puddle.
How, again quite suddenly, there were people in the past three million years actually prone to monogamy, with one exception — two or three times in life they still tend to change partner. Because it is serial monogamy. As usual, the one that is considered a “classic” monogamy is — well, not for our species ‘ historical norm.

Politics, here you have a society, here’s to you and the family.

All you have excellent rebyatushki — you are Normal!

Enough to be victims, get a fucking life. And not to defend castles in the air quasi traditional limitations.

Andrey Gorbenko

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