Angelina Jolie always addicted to Brad Pitt, in spite of their disputes ? The astounding revelations !

The negotiations between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt take their course ! But even if the situation with his ex is not ideal, the actress would be nostalgic about their romance.

How to advance the divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt ?The two former continue to subjugate the Canvas, even if the rumors about them are frequently denied, and that their negotiations will remain private. Recently, a website claimed that Angelina Jolie had welcomed Brad Pitt to her house for a secret rendezvous that would have led to a reconciliation between them : “Their appointment has resulted in a real success. They have chosen to stay on the plan that the court had put in place in recent times. Angelina decided that it was time to fix things, and Brad was relieved”. But even if we would have liked to believe it was an invention on the part of the site. And today is another rumour that made the news !

Angelina Jolie toujours accro à Brad Pitt malgré leurs disputes ? Les étonnantes révélations !

The hope of a reconciliation ?

In fact the site Celebrity Insider says that Angelina Jolie is nostalgic of her relationship with her ex ! The star of Tomb Raider would again be seduced by Brad Pitt : “A little part of her will always love the father of her children, and will always be attracted to him. She can’t deny that Brad improves with the years, especially since he has assumed his responsibilities and does the housework in her life. Sometimes she looks back at the incredible chemistry that there was between them. Even if they are in the middle of their divorce, when she sees how gorgeous it is this fact any question”. All that she dreamed of a close-knit family, for his children, as the adds the source. Can we really trust this rumor ? We have reasons to doubt it, but one thing is for sure, we hope that Angelina Jolie, who is doing better with her children, will quickly come to an agreement with his ex !