Angelina Jolie in turmoil, the mother of Brad Pitt accuses him of having ruined the life of his son !

Drama time in Hollywood ! To believe the rumors, the mother of Brad Pitt would like a lot to Angelina Jolie for their divorce.

Between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the agreement is now cordial. After two years of a bitter struggle in the courts for custody of their six children, the two former lovebirds have finally found a common ground. The actor can now spend more time with his offspring to his delight. But this long divorce process is not yet complete. The ex-Brangelina have yet to be equitably dividing their property. A complicated situation and heavy, which pleases not at all to Jane Pitt, the mother of the actor. This last saying also Angelina Jolie to be the responsible.

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After the revelations of Radar Online, Jane Pitt would be angry at Angelina Jolie for having ruined the life of his son. “Jane is kind of tough and she will never forgive Angelina for what she has done to her family – especially Jane has barely seen the children since the announcement of the divorce. Brad has literally had to beg his mother not to she goes to confront Angelina, and this, several times,” confides a source in the media. But can we really believe in these statements ? Not according to Gossip Cop denies firmly these information. Anyway, tensions are bright on the side of Kristen Stewart, who apparently dropped Stella Maxwell without any explanation.