Angelina Jolie is divorced from Brad Pitt, and under the spell of a famous director ? The crazy rumor !

Rumors persist to Hollywood ! The latest news, Angelina Jolie would have a crush secret for a famous director. Check out who it is.

Difficult to escape ! Whether they want it or not, celebrities are often put by the tabloids. Yes, their love life never stops talking. The image of Brad Pitt that would be more close to a famous actress. From Margot Robbie to Julia Roberts through Gwyneth Paltrow, rumors are rife on the web. But the american comedian is not the only one to face these speculations about his private life. To believe the rumours in the people sphere, his ex-wife Angelina Jolie would have also found the shoe to his foot. Well almost, she would have a crush secret for a famous director.

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Speculation of a romance began when Radar Online has unveiled a article in which we could see photos ofAngelina Jolie , on the arm of director Alfonso Cuarón at the premiere of the film Roma, as the latter has achieved. If the tabloid that american has not given any evidence of a possible rapprochement between the actress and the director, the photos were quickly sown the seed of doubt in the minds of internet users. But the info was quickly refuted by Gossip Cop. And because Alfonso Cuarón is simply married for 8 years to the ecologist british Sheherazade Goldsmith. Certainly, the rumours have the life lasts. In a any other registry, you should know that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are in a hurry at the idea of having children.