Angelina Jolie is threatened by her daughter Shiloh ? The rumor that’s going too far !

The rumors go further and further around the divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The latest news, Shiloh would have threatened his own mother to see his father !

When they were thought to be finally on the same wave length, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are actually always in conflict and refuse to bury the axe of war. Separated since September of 2016, the two former lovebirds continue to be torn apart by lawyers interposed the custody of their children. A very difficult situation to live in for the latter. If we are to believe the revelations of The Frisky, their daughter Shiloh would seriously consider rebelling against his mother in order to spend more time with his father. “Shiloh has become a young girl, extremely strong and which is expressed well. She is tired of the behavior of his mother. It bites the tongue for too long and would like to now talk about it. After the recent media coverage of Angie to portray Brad in a bad light, Shiloh really wants everyone to know how much she misses her father she and her brothers and sisters. They were deeply touched and felt so torn between both parents during the divorce. They simply want to find” tells a source close to the family.

Angelina Jolie menacée par sa fille Shiloh ? La rumeur qui va trop loin !

Shiloh is she really on the outs with her mother Angelina Jolie ?

Always according to the words of this informant, Angelina Jolie might be afraid of what her daughter might say to the press. “The story of Shiloh is likely to shed light on the erratic behavior of Angie since the separation, the details of his violent arguments with Brad, as well as the great sadness felt by their children. Shiloh kept a diary of everything that has happened since the divorce. She and her sister Vivienne have been the most affected by this breach. Moreover, it was difficult for them to spend time away from their father. Shiloh hopes that by speaking publicly, her mother will realize how much she is unhappy,” explains the prying. But can we really rely on these statements ? Not so sure ! Anyway, hope that the tensions within the family Jolie-Pitt will soothe quickly. Also, dramas are also current on the side of the clan, the most publicized of Los Angeles. Lost in her feelings for Tristan Thompson, Khloé Kardashian wants to take a break.