Angelina Jolie manipulates her children that they prefer to be Brad Pitt ? The rumor of the week !

Angelina Jolie manipule ses enfants pour qu'ils la préfèrent à Brad Pitt ? La rumeur de la semaine !

While it was thought that things were arranged between Angelina and Brad as you approach the end of their divorce proceedings, could it be that the atmosphere in the Jolie-Pitt is more tense than ever ?

In Hollywood, you have to be willing to do anything to get out. This is without doubt one of the recent reports ofIn Touch the couple’s Jolie-Pitt suggests. In fact, earlier this week, the american media has not failed to appeal to an anonymous source, to evoke the maneuvers of Angelina Jolie in order to obtain the support of his children in his fight for sole custody. While we came back yesterday on the key dates in the life of prince Harry on the occasion of its 34th anniversary, the source ofIn Touch tells : “She wants all the children tell the judge they want to live with it. She begs him, ‘Choose me !’ (…) She tries to all the forces of the rot.”

But the critics of Angelina Jolie can go get dressed. Gossip Cop, one of the few american media to conduct a real investigation work, focused on the question. According to the website, this rumor is completely false and have been disproved by a close to the couple. On the side of the other media, remember that People had already announced that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got better. “[It] remains focused on the wounds of his family. It will continue to support the reconciliation of his children. with Brad” had assured a close to the case. Conflicting information and false for what is d’In Touch. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are not ready to get back together , but their relationships improve with time. In the rest of the news people, here’s why Noah Centineo (Has all the boys I’ve loved) begins to overshadow Cole Sprouse and Tyler Posey.