Angels 11 : A candidate for iconic makes its big return, it is surprising

While the filming of Angels 11 continues in Miami, we already know that a candidate iconic has made its grand return as a guest.

The candidates are paraded in the casting of the Angels 11, and after the return of Amélie Neten who made his arrival to Miami in the crew, it is the turn of another candidate iconic confirm his return in the show. She had marked the season 10, it is the beautiful Barbara Opsomer. Even if the young woman is now in a relationship, and she does not hide her desire to get away from the world of reality tv, the latter has recently confirmed in an interview with the blogger Sam Zirah, that she would be well in the casting of Angels 11 this year. An appearance of short duration, but which promises already a lot of twists and turns.

In fact, it is in just a few days that you can discover Barbara Opsomer on NRJ12, since the young woman has made a brief appearance at Marrakech as the guest. In the Face of criticism of internet users, the singer explained : “I do not consider that it is the doing of the tv, because I come as a guest. I have come to see my old friends, it makes me happy it lets me think of something else, but after three days I’m fed up”. You’ll understand, Barbara Opsomer remains true to itself, and does not renew the reality-tv early : “I have no intention to redo a long program for the moment, but I assume, I love to go see them, spend three days with them and share my good energy”. At least, things are clear ! And by his side, Aurélie Dotremont Angels 11 was unveiled ultra sexy in a bikini on the social networks.