Angels 11 : A former candidate of the Marseillais to the casting, it is the shock

A former candidate of Marseille is in the casting of the Angels 11 and you can discover his identity just below.

This is several days that Aur?lie Dotremont, Hillary, Jelena, Thomas or Julien Guirado flew to Miami for the filming of the Angels 11 and the first images of the villa have been revealed ! And new information has just fallen on this adventure, since we just learned via the account Instagram @lesangestvr that Montaine was in the cast of the show ! Absent from our screens since The Marseille vs. the Rest of the world 2, the pretty blonde decided to leave W9 to get in the competition… And obviously its integration has been hectic, as she has already clash?e with a candidate !

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A publication shared by Montaine Mounet (@montaineem) on 3 Jan. 2019 at 11 :51 am PST

According to the account Instagram @lesangestvr, Montaine would have taken the head with Aur?lie Dotremont ! Information to be taken with a grain of salt, since it has not yet been formalized by the string… In any case, if the two young women are well clash?es, we are certain that the villa had to shake ! It must be said that Aur?lie Dotremont and Montaine were all two characters which are well soaked… And if not in the rest of the news, please know that Melanie 10 Couples Perfect season 2 will be in the casting of a great american television series and we know all of the details !