Angels 11 : Julien Guirado very jealous, and lying to candidates about Aurélie Dotremont (VIDEO EXCLUDED)

This evening in The Angels 11, Julien Guirado will show some signs of jealousy about Aurélie Dotremont. It tells you more below.

In The Angels ‘ season 11, Aurélie Dotremont and Julien Guirado look around for a good time, but things are not progressing really… If the pretty blonde is keen to get in couple with his comrade, the latter is a little more reluctant, and he prefers to take his time. Except that in the episode that will be aired tonight on NRJ12, Julien Guirado will show some signs of jealousy… The reason ? The outfit ultra sexy Aurélie Dotremont (who would have lied about his illness, according to a former friend of her). And just above, we propose to you to discover this exclusive excerpt !

Les Anges 11 : Julien Guirado très jaloux, il ment aux candidats à propos d'Aurélie Dotremont (VIDÉO EXCLU)

If Julien Guirado will show some signs of jealousy, it will make the choice not too reveal it to his comrades… Then when Remi Notta going to issue you the idea that he and Aurélie Dotremont could get back as a couple, Julien Guirado will lie by saying that he doesn’t care ! For the young woman, this reaction is too much and she prefers to leave the room to go night club with her girlfriends… We look forward to be able to discover the result of this sequence ! But before that, be aware that Montaine has unveiled his new haircut and the resemblance with Emy is more than troubling !