Angels 11 : Raphael Pepin and Tiffany are growing closer together, Celine spree in the face of Emy, a new angel arrives… Did you follow this week ? #2

Les Anges 11 : Raphaël Pépin et Tiffany se rapprochent, Céline virée face à Emy, un nouvel ange débarque... As-tu bien suivi cette semaine ? #2

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Have you followed this week of the Angels 11 ? Aurélie Dotremont and Julien Guirado, arrival of an angel, and elimination of another… We test your knowledge with this quiz !

1. What was the first mission of the association ?

  • has

    Clean a patch of forest of the Everglades

  • b

    Collect money on the beach

  • c

    Build a staircase

  • d

    Repainting a house