Angels 11 : the first images of the villa exposed, a detail that surprises users (VIDEO)

Check out the pictures of the house in which are the Angels 11 in Miami and most importantly, why she does respond the users…

We don’t talk about too much at the moment on melty, the filming of Angels 11 has started and Aur?lie Dotremont and Hillary were accused of escorting to the border ! Since then, everything is back in order but information on the filming of the new season of the program NRJ12 are few in number. The writing is on the alert to learn more about the twists and turns of the filming but, in the absence of more information, we offer you to discover the first images of the villa of the applicants in Miami, as revealed by the account Instagram Solife_gossip and the amazing detail that surprises the viewers…

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The first new images of the villa of the Angels 11 ???? in Miami ???? . #LesAnges11 @lesanges11enroutepourlaventure

A publication shared by News & Scoops Reality tv ???? (@solife_gossip) on 12 Jan. 2019 at 3 :54 pm PST

This villa is spectacular, but it seems familiar to the users… And for good reason, many confuse it with that of the Angels, 5 and 9 ! A confusion is voluntary on the part of the production ? In fact, this season is the nostalgia for NRJ12, who has decided to leave on a good basis with candidates that are emblematic of previous seasons. The viewers will head striking the program as Aur?lie Dotremont, Vanessa Lawrens or Julien Guirado… also, see here if you have followed LPDLA6, the reality tv show of the moment with our quiz of the week !