Ani Lorak has intrigued fans

Ани Лорак заинтриговала фанатов

Ani Lorak celebrated the first new year without her husband, Murat Nalchajian, with whom she broke up this summer. However, the artist in those days was not one.

The singer has met both the holiday surrounded by your friends.

Shortly before Christmas, Ani flew to Miami, where in winter we move many stars of show business. Gala dinner she spent near Sergey Lazarev, with whom she had previously attributed to the novel. And after in a Network there was their new picture together, a fanclub Lorak has “exploded” the news “date” between the two artists.

“Friends are always near” — simply signed the Ani, where she is depicted in the arms of Sergei. “A wonderful Christmas dinner with the stunning Caroline!” — wrote under identical photo Lazarev.

Although lorac insists that between her and Lazarev — only friendship, fans hotly debated the formation of new couples in the starry sky. Sergey, incidentally, really is always there with Ani. Who knows, maybe the singer will be able to get out of the friend zone and win the heart of the artist?

Apparently, Ani — now a free woman. The first court hearing in the divorce case of singer was held on December 24. However, perhaps one meeting lawyers failed to agree on the terms of divorce Lorak, says 7days.