Ani Lorak with her daughter visited a secular party

Ани Лорак с дочкой побывали на светской вечеринке

Ani Lorak and her daughter Sofia were guests of honor at the celebration of the birth of her daughter Philip Kirkorov – Alla-Victoria.

Judging by the photos on the page of the singer to Instagram celebrity and heiress had a great time.

Ani and Sofia notably fun – the whole evening the guests were entertained by the animation team dressed as characters from books writer JK Rowling. Lorak and her heiress gladly spent time Ani seems happier than her daughter, because she’s all smiles in the photo.

“It was nice to find yourself in a fairy tale on the birthday of Alla-Victoria. Let the little Princess will be happy! Godfather thank you PHILIP for a wonderful holiday,” she Kirkorov thanked for the hospitality on his page in social network Instagram wrote

Netizens have not passed and began to leave many positive comments:

“Photos of fire ?What are you all beautiful and magical ? one delight ))))) ?”, “Carolina hat You fit perfectly!?? Magic..???”, “Great when there are magical moments here?”, “Philip knows a lot about different kind of entertainment.”