Another notice of strike at the Port of Montreal

Autre préavis de grève au Port de Montréal

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
The members of the Syndicate of longshoremen of the Port of Montreal, began last Monday a strike of four days, which was set to end Friday morning.

The labour dispute seems to want to persist between the maritime employers Association (MEA) and the Union of stevedores of the Port of Montréal (CUPE). On Friday morning, the union’s president, Martin Lapierre, sent to the EMA a strike notice announcing the discontinuation of work on the two terminals of the company Tremont from next Monday, at 7 a.m., until Friday, August 7, at 6: 59 pm. The number of union members covered by this strike is 355 tank tops, great foremen and men of the maintenance.

The members of the Syndicate of longshoremen of the Port of Montreal, began last Monday a strike of four days, which was set to end Friday morning at 6: 59 pm. The advisor of the union, Michael Murray, has explained that the conflict was mainly on the working hours of stevedores, and was said to believe that the strike would put pressure on the AEM. “It is to put economic pressure on the shipping companies and that they move their mandate to the negotiating table. But force is to note that the only response we had this morning, it is the use of strike-breakers “, lamented Michael Murray during a press conference on Monday.

On the other hand, on Tuesday evening, local 1657 of the international Association of longshoremen has handed a strike notice to the AEM. According to the union, the impasse relates to the security of employment and the jurisdiction of the tasks of the union’s members. The union’s president, Ian Mulcahy, said the terminal operators have established a technology for the purpose of eliminating the jobs of the auditors.

On Thursday, five groupings of employers were said to be extremely concerned about the impact on the economy of the escalation of tensions. They have criticized the Union of stevedores, CUPE took the economy hostage. The Conseil du patronat du Québec, the board of trade of metropolitan Montreal (BTMM), the canadian Federation of independent business, the Federation of chambers of commerce of Quebec, and Quebec Manufacturers and Exporters have called on all governments to act quickly to limit the damage that may result from the continuation of this situation. “I do not believe that we can have a strike in the long term. The impact would be simply too great, ” said Michel Leblanc, who heads the BTMM.

The Montreal port Authority is concerned by this situation, explaining that the port activities are essential to the good walk of the economy. The union representative Michel Murray had explained that the longshoremen are being asked to work 19 days out of 21, before you have a leave of two days, because of the high activity.

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