Anthony Mackie (the Avengers) and Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers) face an apocalyptic future in the trailer for the next movie Netflix, IO

A planet desolate, two beings in search of a future, an atmosphere of concern : in short, a trailer with all the ingredients of a good film SF.

You liked Bird Box ? And well, waiting to see if a sequel is possible, we suggest you watch the trailer of IO, a feature film produced and broadcast on 18 January on Netflix. The trailer above reveals, the two main characters, played by Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers) and Anthony Mackie (the Avengers), alone in the midst of the rubble. This science-fiction film narrates the encounter between Micah and Sam, the latter surviving alone on the planet Earth had become toxic. While she had chosen to stay home while the rest of humanity fled to Io, moon of Jupiter, a young man will change his mind.

Anthony Mackie (Avengers) et Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers) affrontent un futur apocalyptique dans le trailer du prochain film Netflix, IO

The two main protagonists will start, then a trip to take off with the last shuttle departing for Io, but the items will fall on them (a storm as terrible as the one seen in Mad Max Fury Road seems to be two fingers to unleash hell on Earth). This trailer to the atmosphere apocalyptic announcement that a film taking end-to-end, with a latent threat that should keep the audience in suspense until the end : will they be able to reach the ultimate time fuze ? Decidedly, Netflix never ceases to offer quality content more and more interesting on its platform, notably with the Bandersnatch, an interactive movie Black Mirror , which returns you to the spirit. We can’t wait to discover Io on our screens, and follow Anthony Mackie and Margaret Qualley in this quest !