Anwar Hadid sad since that Kendall Jenner was handed over with Ben Simmons ? It says it all !

Then that Kendall Jenner would be issued with Ben Simmons, Anwar Hadid has finally revealed the bottom of her thought !

What happens really in the mind of the young man ? Well, yes, the meltynautes, nobody expected it and yet the model has not stopped going back and forth with his two. While Kendall Jenner seemed to review Ben Simmons in secret, Anwar Hadid had posted two messages that are very cryptic in its story Instagram to the point of letting him think that he was talking directly to the pretty brunette : “I wonder if I could be loved as deeply as I love myself. Why leave you ?” And if these little sentences are very mysterious, however, he has decided to make pleasure to its followers by giving them their true meaning.

Anwar Hadid triste depuis que Kendall Jenner s'est remise avec Ben Simmons ? Il dit tout !

He explains : “guys, I live in order to get to the bottom of the feelings so I’m not sad to live a wave of emotions. I used to be afraid to feel things because I had the impression that the feeling of happiness could not be obtained consistently, but to live my emotions with an open heart, it became my only source of inspiration. And now that I’m no longer afraid to express my thoughts and my feelings, I feel much more serene.” A message as poignant, which is sent without really doubt the one who made his heart beat. In the meantime, check out how Ben Simmons has managed to regain Kendall Jenner.