Aquaman : Jason Momoa would like to be the villain for the sequel

This is not one of the villains the more well-known, but Jason Momoa seems to have a particular appeal to this villain.

If you’ve seen Aquaman (which was a hit at the box-office 2018) and that you have thinks, this is a information that you might enjoy. Jason Momoa, the star of the film who plays Arthur Curry, has shared on the name of the villain he would like to see join the plot of the sequel : Lobo. Created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen, first appeared in Omega Men #3 in 1983, this inhabitant of Czarnian likes, above all, to kill, and to force his neighbor, for fun. He has already met (and fought) Aquaman in a comic book about a dolphin flying belonging to him, and having been captured by a scientific gentleman, Doctor Shinobi. But initially, Lobo, is more an enemy of Superman that Arthur Curry.

Aquaman : Jason Momoa aimerait ce m?chant pour la suite

Duel Lobo/Aquaman

Yet this is not the first time that Jason Momoa mentions the name of Lobo in an interview, because when Zack Snyder was added to the cast of the Justice League, he thought that this would be to embody this villain (because of his physical resemblance to the character -build massive and long hair). It is, however, in the skin of a super-hero that he found himself, and to the best : the charisma of the actor is very much in the huge success of’Aquaman (in which we spotted a lot of easter eggs). There is no doubt that a sequel of the film will soon be under construction thanks to the success of the feature film solo on this protagonist newly major of the DCU, and that the popularity of Jason Momoa will allow him to have his say about the plot of the sequel. What do you think of the choice of Lobo in bad guy ?