Aquaman : The director shares a detail disturbing about the film

The director of Aquaman, James Wan, has shared details for the least disturbing about the plot of the film !

We still have some months to wait before you finally discover Aquaman in dark rooms. The heroes, DC Comics is offering its first adventures solo and a first trailer of the film directed by James Wan was unveiled at Comic Con San Diego this summer. It is Jason Momoa who lends her traits to the hero, and the latter will reply to Amber Heard that she will play the role of Mera. A lot of questions still remain unanswered around the film, especially around the dialogues under the water. How do you explain the fact that the characters are able to talk to both on Land and in the water ? One word : vomit.

Aquaman : Le réalisateur partage un détail perturbant sur le film

Appointment is on 19 December at the cinema

James Wan has announced : “people ask me : “So you know when they are talking about, what are the bubbles that come out of their mouth ?”, and I said “No, because when they are in the water, there is no air in their lungs, but the water.” Ok ? There is a scene where Mera opens a pocket of air to be able to speak, and when Orm landed in, the first thing he does is vomit the water that it has in the lungs to be able to speak. And when he is back in the water after having breathed the air, then yes, it spits out bubbles ! We worked these details”. One is not sure of the aesthetic choice of these details, but hey, it’s his movie ! Waiting for the release of Aquaman, it offers you to test your knowledge on the vigilante DC Comics !