Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus at war ? Bigflo & Oli a break, Cardi B learns his nomination for the Grammys in full-court… The little music of the week

Ariana Grande et Miley Cyrus en guerre ? Bigflo & Oli font une pause, Cardi B apprend sa nomination aux Grammys en plein tribunal... Le récap musique de la semaine

Check out the news musical that he didn’t want to miss this week.

We meet every Friday to make a point about the music news that he was not to miss this week. It begins with Cardi B, who has learned of his Grammy nomination 2019 at the court, what made her change ideas quickly. For his part, the rapper Shay has entrusted to our colleagues from Konbini , and spoke of his absence : “During this period, many things are said about me, there were plenty of rumors circulating… I’m not good in communication so I did not know how to react”. Finally, its title , “Nice” has allowed him to adjust his accounts in order to break the silence.

Booba him, has made his grand return to the music with the beautiful clip “Little girl” in which he takes the stage alongside her real daughter Luna. Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande have unveiled the same day a new sound, raises some tensions. The brothers Bigflo & Oli have announced that it wants to take a break after the release of their last album The life you dream of. After you have chained the concerts and the albums, they want to blow a little for better return in 2020. Finally, Rohff has released his new album Supernatural on 14 December 2018, although it has been leaked a few hours earlier on the canvas, what pissed a little. That’s all for this time, see you next week for even more news crispy !