Ariana Grande very close to his ex, the status of their relationship might surprise you !

While Ariana Grande was recently sworn not to put themselves as a couple, it would have passed in an arrangement very special with her ex, Ricky Alvarez !

Back to the past ! Well, yes, the meltynautes, if you’re a fan of the singer, you know that the year 2018 has been very difficult for her. Between the death of Mac Miller and his break-up with Pete Davidson, she has lived a period of time for the least complicated. Fortunately, it can now count on the support of her ex, Ricky Alvarez. While Ariana Grande is determined to remain a bachelor all his life, one cannot help but ask themselves questions about the status of their relationship. Just friends, lovers or just a little bit of both ? The site Radar Online has decided to conduct the survey : “Ariana and Ricky have always been very close and their relationship has been dotted with ups and downs since their break-up in 2016.” The source goes on to confident :

Ariana Grande tr?s proche de son ex, le statut de leur relation risque de vous ?tonner !

“It is very comfortable when they are together and most importantly she trusts him. Even more important, his family trusts him also. In contrast, they did not like Pete and his brother has made it clear. They have not tried to stop him from doing anything with him but with Ricky, everything is different. They have worked together for a long time and he is loyal. They are very open with each other and they always had a nice chemistry. They spent the new year together and they are passed to the act. They are nothing more than friends with interest for the time being. But if something more happens, then it happens.” In the meantime, back on the worst breaches of the year 2018 with Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande.