Armageddon, 5th Element, Sixth Sense or Unbreakable… In what film could you replace Bruce Willis ?

Armageddon, Le 5ème Élément, Sixième Sens ou Incassable... Dans quel film pourrais-tu remplacer Bruce Willis ?

Published 3 hours ago Published on 13 oct. 2018 14:00:01Ecrit by Laëtitia Mr.

You’ve always dreamed of in Bruce Willis saving the world ? Quickly discovers in which his cult films you could replace Bruce Willis up !

1. For that you love a film, it is necessary that the end :

  • has

    Do unto you and ask you questions on the life

  • b

    A big bouquet final action

  • c

    Be a happy end

  • d

    Don’t take the top on the story