Arrest for family violence in Quebec cinema

A father was arrested in the theater on Sunday after spectators saw him hit his seven-year-old daughter.
The sad event occurred around 15h, during the screening of the film Detective Pikachu at the Cineplex Odeon of Sainte-Foy.

Several spectators saw a man beating his daughter. One of the witnesses immediately phoned the police.

At the arrival of the patrol boats, the directors of the cinema made reignite the lights of the room of projection. A lady went to point the father to the police. They left with him and arrested him for assault.

After a meeting with police investigators, the 47-year-old father was released after signing a promise to appear and a pledge to comply with several conditions.

The Directorate of Youth Protection has been notified of the situation. The little girl has been entrusted to her mother, who is also present in the cinema room.

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