Arrested the doctors in Kiev to extort money from veteran ATO for disability

Арестованы киевские врачи, вымогавшие деньги у ветерана АТО за инвалидность

Obolonskiy district court arrested for 60 days of two physicians detained for soliciting bribes from a veteran of the ATO. They appreciated the establishment of his disability more than 40 thousand UAH, home of the doctors found the money received from 20 other veterans.

According to Interfax-Ukraine, the court arrested the head of the Central medico-social expert Commission (msec) No. 1 of the Kyiv city center for medical and social examination, and the doctor-the expert of Department of examination of the Central military-medical Commission of the defense Ministry. Alternative to detention bail is set at almost $ 2 million for each.

Doctors detained December 5 at the workplace after the transfer of a bribe in the amount of 42 thousand 600 UAH. For the money they promised to fix the disability to the veteran of the ATO, which in the war he received a severe leg injury. During a search at work and at home from doctors of law enforcement officers found 20 packages of documents of the soldiers applying for disability. Each of these packages was attached an envelope with money, the amounts ranged from 700 to 4 thousand dollars.

Earlier in Kiev detained the official of DFS that would require a very large bribe, and officials of the municipality. Odessa and the Deputy was caught trying to bribe the detective to NAB.