Arrow season 7 : Cupid, Deathstroke II and China White soon back in the series

Season 7, Arrow we reserve many surprises ! Many big bad will make their grand return for a particular reason. Check out which.

Oliver is not the end of his sentences. A few days of the broadcast of the Winter Premiere of season 7 of Arrow, fans are wondering when Oliver will he learn the truth about Emiko. As you know, a second Green Arrow had landed in Starling City, and he is in fact the daughter of Robert Queen and thus the half-sister of Oliver. If the next few episodes should focus on this plot, the team Arrow should know his or her identity to the return of the series. However, Oliver, Felicity and the other members of the team will have other worries… The CW has unveiled the synopsis of episode 11 of season 7 of Arrow, titled “Past Sins” , which heralds the return of the great big bad ready to fight !

Arrow saison 7 : Cupid, Deathstroke II et China White bient?t de retour dans la s?rie

Oliver will have new worries !

This episode 11 of season 7 , Arrow has been realized for the first time by David Ramsey, the interpreter of Diggle. The synopsis of “Past Sins” , we learn that the past will haunt Oliver and Laurel. Curtis will be upset when he finds out that Diggle and Lyla have revived The Ghost Initiative with Diaz, China White, Kane Wolfman (the son of Slade Wilson) and Carrie Cutter (Cupid). This episode 11 of season 7 , Arrow will be marked by the return of a treasure of bad guys. This seems to be the version of Arrow ‘s Suicide Squad, now that the term is forbidden, because DC uses in the movies. What will we book this new team ? Until 28 January next, find out what are the flashforwards in season 7, Arrow.