Arrow season 7 : Talia Al Ghul is the mother of SPOILER, the theory WTF !

We know finally who is the new Green Arrow ! This character could also be the offspring of the former mentor, Oliver, Talia Al Ghul, in season 7, Arrow. This is the theory WTF of the week !

A new Green Arrow is in the city since the beginning of season 7 , Arrow. In the first few episodes, this avenger has been at the heart of the questions of the fans. Many theories about his identity have seen the light of day. Monday night, we finally had the answer ! This is Emiko Queen, the daughter of Robert and therefore the half-sister of Oliver, who hides under the mask of the Green Arrow. While we saw everything we needed to know about this new character in the season 7 Arrow, you revealed that the young woman probably had still a lot of secrets. We wondered who his mother is. According to some fans, it could be the old mentor of Oliver, Talia Al Ghul. This last has not appeared without reason in the season 7 of the show. But Emiko is she his daughter ? This is the theory WTF of the week !

According to aficionados of the show, it is difficult to believe that the writers have brought Talia this season and have made escape Slabside without having another small idea behind the head. The sister of Nyssa is a very good fighter, she has learned everything to Oliver. As well, she would have been able to train his daughter ! The new Green Arrow is rather good with his bow and his arrows, but also during combat. Talia may have helped Oliver because she knew that he was the son of Robert ! However, one wonders how the father of the hero and the daughter of ra’s Al Ghul would have been able to meet. In addition, in the comics, Emiko is the daughter of Shado. If this option would be also strange in the series, it is more likely that the young woman is actually the daughter of Isabel Rochev with whom Robert had had an adventure in Arrow. However, it will still wait a bit to know who is the mother of Emiko. In the meantime, check out also the info on the blink of an eye that will be made to the fans of Smallville in the crossover between Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl.

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