Arruda is defending the obligation of the covers-face at the scale of Quebec

Arruda défend l’obligation du couvre-visage à l’échelle du Québec

Photo: Adrian Wyld, The canadian Press
The national director of public health, Horacio Arruda

On the eve of the start of the construction holiday, the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, has been insisting on the respect of the various measures to prevent a new outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 in Quebec.

In the Beauce, Dr. Arruda reiterated on Thursday the importance of the distancing physics of two metres, hygiene measures such as washing of hands, the restriction of gatherings to 10 people and, especially, the port of the cover face that will be required in enclosed public places starting on Saturday.

“One is on parole, he imaged. We are like prisoners who have been released from the containment. If you do not do the things we must do, we’re going back to the inside. “

He acknowledged that wearing a mask is ” very demanding “.

“It is not by pleasure that people are being asked to wear masks. This is not to make it Halloween “, he maintained.

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Dr. Arruda has also defended the obligation of wearing a mask at the provincial level, and not only in the regions most affected by the COVID-19. “The regional policy would require monitoring very, very, very, very sharp every day,” he said.

It assigns a pedagogic virtue of this obligation now. “We are preparing for a second wave. If we want Quebecers to take the reflex to put their mask when they go out, it’s going to take time. You don’t change social norms in two minutes. This is the time to do it now, while it is not circulating. “

As well, supports the Dr Arruda, if a new outbreak of cases falls on the Quebec, as in the United States, ” we are going to have acquired this learning-there “.

Made aware of an event that cast opponents of the port covers face-to Saint-Georges, in the Beauce region, Dr. Arruda has denied being a strong firm discipline. Himself said to prefer to convince people of the merits of the measures to change social norms, rather than to compel.

“But it comes at a time, [where it is necessary to take the decision], despite the fact that we spoke for a good moment,” he explained.

It prevails against those who hide behind the first declarations of the authorities at the beginning of the pandemic in order to justify their refusal to wear a cover face. “If people are trying to me take back what I’ve said in another context, he had to learn to crawl, stand, walk and run. He had to learn the distancing prior to the masks. “

Dr. Arruda has indicated that the public Health could revise its policy concerning the organization of small festivals in Quebec and gatherings.

“We are in the process of re-evaluate the situation. The devil is always in the details, ” he said.

If the question of two meters, remains crucial, he said he is willing to reconsider certain aspects of the gathering so that they are better adapted to the needs. “But if it starts to “reflamber” because no one has respected the social distancing, it’s going to be difficult to do that. “

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