Arsenic concentrations exceed the standards in the East of Montreal

Les concentrations d’arsenic dépassent les normes dans l’Est de Montréal

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Two of the three sampling stations have detected levels above the acceptable threshold, (5.1 and 5.4 ng / m3.

The arsenic levels in the air of the Is of Montreal has dropped, but two sampling stations have been installed in the target sectors, there is a year and a half, we were even detected in 2019 concentrations exceeding the provincial standards.

Been singled out as an important source of emissions of arsenic, the company of processing of copper JRC has put in place measures to reduce its toxic emissions over the last decade. And in 2018, the measuring stations of the air quality have been added in this sector.

One of the three sampling stations had recorded arsenic levels below the provincial standard of 3 ng / m3, but the other two were detected at levels above the acceptable threshold, (5.1 and 5.4 ng / m3. “This result is of concern for us “, stressed Wednesday, Dr. David Kaiser, of the regional Directorate of public Health (DRSP) of Montreal.

In its opinion released Wednesday, the PRSP recommends that the monitoring of the concentration of the metal be continued, and that the sampling stations are maintained. But it also urges the municipal authorities to try to identify other potential sources of emissions of arsenic in the area which has several industries. “We know that CCR has put measures, but despite this, the levels remain higher than what we want. “

Dr. Kaiser believes that the residents of the area do not have to worry about the risks to their health because they are low.

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