Assistance to the unemployed in decline in the United States

L’aide aux chômeurs en baisse aux États-Unis

Photo: Nam Y. Huh Associated Press
Since April, the u.s. government provides $ 600 per week for the unemployed.

The financial aid given by the u.s. federal government to the unemployed since the beginning of the crisis could be reduced to $ 200 per week instead of $ 600 since April, and the discussions were due to start on Monday night, according to several media outlets.

“The Senate republicans want to reduce the help of $ 600 to $ 200 until the States are able to implement a new approach that would pay workers 70 % of the income they received before losing their jobs,” details the Washington Post. The 50 american States “are supposed to gradually introduce the new formula by two months […], although it is not known to what extent this process could be tedious,” notes the daily.

The opposition democrat wants his side to extend assistance of up to $ 600 at least weekly until January 2021. The responsible democrats in Congress were to meet Monday evening the secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, and the chief of staff of Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, to begin formal discussions on a new aid plan for the economy, for a total amount of about 1000 billion dollars, according to the Washington Post. This could include a new check for the households, additional loans for small and medium-sized enterprises most affected, and funds to enable schools to re-open.

Steven Mnuchin had insisted on Sunday on the fact that” it simply would not be fair to use taxpayers ‘ money to pay more people to stay home if they worked and had a job.” When asked about a possible new tax cuts or a reduction in social security charges requested by the republican president, he had retorted : “that direct payments are a much faster way to give everyone a tax cut, and it is much faster than the reduction in social security charges. “

Federal government assistance is in addition to the unemployment benefits paid by the Member to the amounts and durations of variables : they can go $ 235 per week in Mississippi to 823 $ in Massachusetts, and three months in Georgia or in Nevada for six months in Maryland.

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