Astrid Nelsia (Angels 11) ultra sexy in a swimsuit, she gets tackle by the internet users (PHOTO)

By posting a photo ultra sexy on Instagram, Astrid Nelsia has drawn criticism from internet users. It tells you everything in this article.

A few days ago, Shanna Kress has posted a sexy picture on Instagram and it has made a radical decision ! And more recently, it’s Astrid Nelsia which has upped the temperature on the social network, while anticipating the criticism of internet users, as she also posted : “Crap, my shirt is perfectly to my size.” And the pretty brunette was right, since the users of Instagram have not failed to criticize it for having posed with this swimsuit ultra-sexy ! Moreover, just below, you can discover the some of the comments we have read on the post Instagram of Astrid.

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A publication shared by Astrid Nelsia ???????? (@nelsia_astrid) on 6 Dec. 2018 at 7 :06 am PST

“Someone explains to me the top of the swimsuit ? Much too small (…) Your shirt is slightly too small (…) Mdr, I believe that there is a problem of size there (…) You know, you should buy a shirt -_- (…) Breathe (…) the top of The shirt is much too large”, we could read among the many comments. Astrid Nelsia she will answer these criticisms ? It is a matter to follow… And in the meantime to find out more, be aware that Thibault Garcia asked Jessica Thivenin in marriage in New York and the pretty blonde has revealed her engagement ring, which is just MA-GNI-FIC !