Astronomers have discovered a black hole that rotates at a speed close to the speed of light

Black holes are very exciting, but it is not a new phenomenon. But the black hole is rotating on one of the highest observed speeds is a totally different story. Before such holes were found only four.

Астрономы обнаружили черную дыру, которая вращается со скоростью, близкой к скорости света

What are galaxies?

In 2016, India’s first astronomical satellite AstroSat has discovered a black hole in a binary star system called 4U 1630-47, which has rejected them x-ray radiation that the astronomers felt rather unusual. Later x-ray Observatory NASA’s Chandra confirmed this release.

It turned out that these x-rays were caused by gas and dust in the black hole that is about 10 times greater than the mass of the Sun. This case allows scientists to conclude that the object is rotating very quickly.

According to NASA, the black hole is rotating close enough to the limit set by relativity Theory of albert Einstein, according to Rodrigo Nemmen, lead author of the study. Therefore, its speed almost reaches the speed of light. The study was conducted by scientists from several institutions, led by the Tata Institute of fundamental research in India, it is accepted for publication in the Astrophysical journal.

Now scientists have only two measurements to black holes — either with their weight or with speed. The rotation speed can range from 0 to 1, this black hole is rotating with a speed of 0.9. Besides AstroSat discovered the black hole, we only know of four similar objects with the same high rotation speed. Einstein’s theory also implies that if the black hole is rotating fast enough, it can cause the space to rotate.

In fact, if certain conditions black holes are correct, the high speed of rotation, associated with the elements of gas, its composition, and high temperatures can be the key to understanding how galaxies are formed.