Auberge aux Trois Pignons: the shortcomings observed well before the pandemic

Auberge aux Trois Pignons: des manquements observés bien avant la pandémie

Auberge aux Trois Pignons: des manquements observés bien avant la pandémie

Marie-France Mercier keeps a bad memory of the residence of his father at the Inn with Three Gables.


July 28, 2020 12: 43

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Auberge aux Trois Pignons: the shortcomings observed well before the pandemic

Auberge aux Trois Pignons: des manquements observés bien avant la pandémie

Auberge aux Trois Pignons: des manquements observés bien avant la pandémie

Jean-François Néron

The Sun

On background independent investigation requested by the government of Québec, Marie-France Mercier tells the stay disturbing to his father at the Auberge aux Trois Pignons. The current situation brings back memories of unhappy, intimating that the problems reported date back even before the beginning of the pandemic.

The man of 84 years of age, suffering from Parkinson’s has made its entry into the residence of Beauport in mid-December 2019, following a rigorous selection process and emotional. “He needs to continue his days in residence was for the whole family the worst of trials. We wanted the best possible place for him,” said Ms. Mercier.

“After speaking at length with the director and after a long family meeting, our choice has stopped on the Auberge aux Trois Pignons. We were charmed by the hospitality, the human side, the care changing offered. In the fall, his condition had degraded. We were reassured to know that the residence could accommodate care if his condition was deteriorating”, she says again. But the family quickly became disillusioned.

“We were very present for our father. Fortunately, because we have been witnesses to several incidents. Each time, we said that it was a matter of adaptation and we tried to look at the positive sides,” recalls Ms. Mercier.

“Three times, a member of the family is gone to visit between 18: 30 and 18: 45 and it was already in the bed without having dinner. One of these times, coverage of the unclean was on his bedside table, gives the lady in example, before proceeding. One day, my father did the wandering. At the time of dinner, he was not in his room. He has not had his medication nor his dinner and person of the family has been notified. He was at risk of falls, and a few times, my mother arrived and he was on the floor, alone in her room.”

On the 12th of January, Mrs. Mercier has realized how the number of employees seemed to be insufficient and a lack of training. “During a visit with my mother, it was already down to 18: 45. He wore only a protection, still had its bottom brackets, and had not had her security wrist strap. I intercepted a woman who was passing to see if everything went well and why he was already lying down. She told me that she had found naked on a chair after having rung the doorbell and that he had not wanted to dinner. She did not know who had helped him to lie down, or if he had done it alone. She said that there were two in charge (in training) for the evening and they were overwhelmed…”

His testimony is not intended to “destroy” the residence, she insists. “I don’t think they are equipped for it. They are overwhelmed. They don’t want to do wrong,” she said, still with kindness in the staff.

His speech to the administration of the residence is more severe after a relationship is terminated abruptly and remained without response. “My father went by ambulance to hospital following a fall a little after the 12 of January. They were evaluated and we agreed that he should reside in a ltc facility.”

Ms. Mercier had written to the director of the hostel on the 13th of January to tell him of the incident of 12. To date, it has received an acknowledgment of receipt. “Since then, nothing… no one has tried to find out how was my father, what would happen to him after the hospital. The only communication that we had, it was the accounting that wanted to cash in the three months of penalties”, laments it.

“What I send as a message to the families of the elderly is to ensure that the people that you sell services are able to make. This was obviously not the case for my dad. I would not advise a person whose father or mother is suffering from a degenerative disease to choose this residence.”

The following months have not been easy for the family mercier even if the care received is now up to the expectations. In fact, the paternal side has lived the COVID at the general Hospital of Quebec, a residential facility affected by an outbreak that has infected 97 users, 70 employees, and caused 37 deaths. Fortunately, the octogenarian has not been reached.

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A survey

On his Twitter account, the minister of Health, Christian Dubé, commented on the announcement of an independent investigation confirmed by his colleague, minister responsible for Seniors, Marguerite Blais. “We must understand why the situation has deteriorated, and we want to know at what point the actors have been quick in their alarms, and in their actions. The independent inquiry that we have asked will shed light and allow us to prepare for the future.”

Monday, The Sun reported the testimony of Dr. Karyne Cordeau and a fellow doctor coming to the aid of the institution since the first case of coronavirus reported on 11 July. They describe the place as ” the middle of the most dysfunctional in which they have worked. The two women state that “in case of choking with food, deterioration of wounds, poor management of diabetes, repeated falls, stays on the ground for extended care and hygiene neglected.” They said they fear for the safety of residents. The establishment comprises a total of 97 units.

Always Monday, the CIUSSS in the National Capital announced the dispatch of 15 professionals additional to the 35 already called in reinforcements. To date, there are 21 users and 7 staff members infected and three deaths.

The minister of Health said that they do not want it “is as Herron”, institution of Montreal, where 43 people lost their lives.


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