Australia will give great Britain the animals- “diplomats” as a message to humanity

							Австралия подарит Великобритании зверушек- «дипломатов» в качестве послания к человечеству

“Wildlife Park” South Australia will give five koalas and wombats at the zoo “Longleat Safari” in the UK as “ambassadors” to disseminate knowledge about wildlife conservation, reports the Advertiser. During a 35-hour flight from Adelaide to London via Singapore animals will be accompanied by a personal vet in a specially organized cargo plane Singapore Airlines. In Britain, the koalas will live in a specially designed building called Koala Creek with the playback environment. To do this, Longleat is importing eucalyptus from South Australia.

“Longleat will be the first place in England where you can see the southern koalas, and we are confident that these animals will become very popular for more than 1.2 million people visiting it annually,” said Lord Weymouth, who is the patron of the International centre for the care and preservation of koalas.

The Minister of environment and water resources of the state of South Australia David Spears stated that the animals will contribute to the information campaign in Europe on the importance of preservation and uniqueness of the endemic Australian animals.

Transfer preparation koalas lasted for two years. First, choose animals with the best condition. The last five months, they trained a long time to spend in the transport boxes and got used to aircraft noise. Therefore, experts are convinced that animals survive the journey.

Previously, ecologists have begun to sound the alarm due to the fact that koalas could disappear from the face of the Earth within a few generations.