Austrian Colonel, the spy passed secret information to the Kremlin, NATO

 Австрийский полковник-шпион передавал Кремлю секретные данные НАТО

Ex-Colonel of the Austrian army, who was convicted of spying for Russia, was sent to Moscow the confidential data regarding NATO. This writes the newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten.

It is noted that during service, he attended the seminars of the Alliance, and then presented the information to the Kremlin. He was notified about the habits and weaknesses of the military leaders of the West, and dislikes in food and the mood in NATO units. It is believed that the Austrian also reported the RF contacts from the corporate network of the Austrian army.

We will remind, on 9 November it became known about detention of the Austrian military, retired, who passed the Russian Federation secret information since the 1990-ies. The Austrian foreign Minister Karin Kneissl canceled a visit to the aggressor because of the spy scandal.