Avengers 4 : New costumes revealed for Thor and Rocket, a duo surprising

Avengers 4 : Nouveaux costumes dévoilés pour Thor et Rocket, un duo surprenant

This is the duo that no one expected and yet, Thor and Rocket reveal themselves in costumes granted in Avengers 4, be ready !

If Zoe Saldana has already teasé the return of Gamora in Avengers 4, we now know that Thor and Rocket are going to team up, against all the odds. Times are tough on the planet super-heroes. Half the universe has disappeared with a snap of fingers and the survivors must work to bring back the dead. Easy ! The tightening of the elbow is de rigueur and Thor as Rocket have seemingly well understood. The account Instagram @kpow_ok has revealed a new art concept from Avengers 4, featuring new costumes for some members of the main team.

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This is the back of a box of toys, designed specifically for a combo of Thor and Rocket. While the top of the box presents a concept art that fans have seen before, the toy is mainly focused on Thor and Rocket in all new combinations the Avengers black and white. That are not without reminding us of the design of the costume of Ant-Man. The latter has survived, we can assume that Hank Pym is the origin of these new armor. The big A on the chest, a symbol of the team of super-heroes, tends to assume that Rocket will finally be part of the team ! In the bottom right, we note that if Captain America is wearing the same costume, Captain Marvel has kept its good old (new) design. A particular reason ? To find out, you will have to wait until 24 April 2019 ! But take comfort in investigating the 15 rumors that shake the phases 4 and 5 of the MCU !