Avengers 4 : The end of Infinity War could have been very different and change the game

Avengers 4 : La fin d'Infinity War aurait pu être bien différente et changer la donne

This character would have been able to be present at the end of Avengers : Infinity War and it could have changed the game !

The end of Avengers : Infinity War we were all left stunned. Our favorite super heroes have not been capable of standing up to Thanos, leading the half of the universe to its loss. The departure in the dust of Spider-Man, Groot, or The Red Witch, has left the core of the starting of the Avengers also fortunate than us, poor viewers. The result is that questions of all kinds come together in our heads : what if Tony Stark had not survived in the first Avengers ? And if Peter Quill had chosen to hit the Titan ? And if the Hulk had decided to show the tip of his nose ? All of this would it have made a difference ? In any case, it was never in the plans of the writers… Or almost ! A concept art depicting the last fight scene of the film has made its appearance on the Canvas. And guess what ? Bruce Banner has left the place to his alter-ego green !

Avengers 4 : La fin d'Infinity War aurait pu être bien différente et changer la donne

We do not want him, but Hulk has had small performance issues for a large part of Infinity War, after having been brutally defeated by Thanos. Result, he has not wanted to help his colleagues in the ultimate battle. Except that these images show Hulk holding one of the arms of Thanos, while Captain America takes the other, in the moment where Thor tries to kill him. Good, it puts into perspective, this is not to say that Thanos would have lost the fight against the Hulk. But the scene ending with the all-new weapon of Thor hitting his chest, you can’t help but wonder if her involvement could lead to a different result. Thanos would he have been able to snap your fingers if it had suffered too many injuries ? It is possible, and it would have significantly impacted the plot of the next chapter. But with “if”, we would put Paris in a bottle as they say ! We can’t change things, but don’t worry, these characters need to come alive in Avengers 4 ! And then, you never know, this scene could be used in the sequel and one would then have seen first hand the defeat of the big bad. The hope is permitted until 24 April 2019 !