Avengers 4 : The trailer and the title unveiled !

We waited for the trailer of the Avengers 4 as the messiah and she finally arrived ! And we can say that our patience has been justly rewarded !

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will enter into its third phase with the highly anticipated Avengers 4, titled Endgame. A film particularly awaited by fans of the stable of comics that trépignaient impatience to get answers after the end of a very controversial Avengers : Infinity War. Well, this long wait is nearing its end : the trailer for the last movie of the avengers as we know it now – except maybe Chris Evans could continue to interpret Captain America in the sequel – has finally been unveiled ! And let’s face it, these first images are particularly exciting !

Avengers 4 : La bande-annonce et le titre dévoilés !

Avengers : Endgame is aptly named because our super-heroes have only one idea in mind, undo what Thanos has done, at any price. The solution will come from Tony Stark that one sees only in his ship to the end of his strength, and oxygen ? Or Chris Evans/Captain America says to Black Widow “that he wouldn’t know what to do if that does not work” or simply Scott Lang aka Ant-Man, which could benefit from a spin-off of the wasp – who comes knocking in the Avengers, stating you have met a few years ago ? The paris are open, but one thing is for sure : in their current formation, the Avengers know their last hours.