Avengers 4 : This theory about Ant-Man belied by the trailer !

Ant-Man and the Kingdom Quantum were at the heart of many theories, and one of them just go up in smoke !

Fans around the world are in an uproar since the announcement trailer and the title of’the Avengers 4 have been unveiled, and for good reason ! Tony Stark alone in space, sending a message of love to Pepper through his helmet, Bruce Banner into tears in front of screens showing the faces of super-heroes wiped out by the snap of Thanos, the reappearance of the long-awaited Clint Barton on screen, Captain America and Black Widow through the development of what appears to be a plan for the last chance… But most of all, at the end of the trailer, a surveillance video showing Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man) in front of the main door, and making a sign to the Avengers to let him in !

Avengers 4 : Cette théorie sur Ant-Man démentie par la bande-annonce !

This scene was part of our 5 things to remember of the trailer ofthe Avengers 4 : Ant-Man is out of the Realm of Quantum ! Ok, this is all well and good, but how ? Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) was well and truly stuck in the Quantum Realm after the snap of Thanos has taken it away with him Hank, Hope and Janet in a cloud of dust… No door of exit, without relief, several assumptions were possible to make it out of there. And one of the theories the most popular among the fans of the Marvel universe, it was that one or more avengers were still alive at the end ofInfinity War have access to the Kingdom Quantum and come to the issue. A possibility definitively buried by this new trailer, which proves that Ant-Man had need anyone to get by. The mystery thus remains whole, but we promise you that we will be digging into the head to solve it !