Avengers 4 : This theory about the Spirit Stone is amazing !

Avengers 4 : Cette théorie sur la Pierre de l'Esprit est surprenante !

And if Thanos was not the true villain of Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers 4 ?

More than a few months to wait before getting to Avengers 4 in cinemas ! The film of the brothers Russo, who still has no title, is announced as the apotheosis of the phase 3 of the MCU, and our favorite super heroes will unite for the last time their forces to fight Thanos, who has managed to complete the Gauntlet of Infinity. But if the Titan Crazy was not really the big bad of the film ? If the latter was in fact manipulated by something else ? According to a new theory, anything could be the fault of the gem of mind. A user Reddit has advanced : “I again looked at the franchise and I’ve noticed that each time the gem of the mind is involved, there is necessarily someone who wants to kill everyone, or almost everyone, be it Loki or even Ultron in Avengers and Avengers the Age of Ultron”.

Avengers 4 : Cette théorie sur la Pierre de l'Esprit est surprenante !

He continues : “In Avengers Infinity War, they have weapons capable of disabling the powers of the gems, in particular to enable Vision to survive without, which has weakened the film. My theory is that the spirit stone is alive, she can see the future and she saw her own destruction. It, therefore, has manipulated Thanos to leave the search of the Glove of the Infinite, just that he will return in the times and prevents its destruction”. We don’t know for you, but from our side we find this theory a little far-fetched, especially after all the teasing done around Thanos, but why not ? At this level little is known about the plot so everything is still possible ! We will see you next April for the release of Avengers 4, which promises to be confusing !