Avengers 4 : This theory on the Stone of Time explains how Tony Stark could save the world

Avengers 4 : Cette théorie sur la Pierre de Temps explique comment Tony Stark pourrait sauver tout le monde

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“You never used your greatest weapon…”, said Thanos in Doctor Strange during the battle of Titan. Of course, it refers to the Stone of Time and he scores a very good point. The Sorcerer Supreme has used the stone to defeat Dormammu, but having seen the one and only way to defeat Thanos, he allowed the events to unfold as they had by not using it. We understand better why the end of Infinity War could have been very different and change the game ! But a theory remarkably well built, user of Reddit, Lol-Guru, goes much deeper than that. Attention, you have to hang on : “Dr. Strange has used the Stone in the same way that Loki has done with the Tesseract. It is a gigantic hoax ! Loki is able to hide the Tesseract, with its godlike powers of illusion, and Dr. Strange could certainly to be able to simulate this easy tour, but I don’t think this is the answer. I think that, when he gives it to Thanos, the Stone shines strongly because it is in the process of going back in time, live the future !”

“When Dr. Strange has hidden the Stone of the Time, this was not through a play of light or an illusion as Loki, but the sending into the future for it to be used later. And to be returned when the Avengers have finished using it. The Stone of Time can move forward or backward in time but not in space. It will be presented to Tony on Titan shortly after the snap of the finger Thanos. This is why Tony needs to survive. He is the only one smart enough to study the Stone in order to unlock the Kingdom Quantum (which Kevin Feige has teasé the importance). In the same way that the Spirit Stone in the scepter allowed him to create Ultron. That is why the Glove has broken in ! He used the Stone from a reality where the Avengers had already won the fight and returned the Stone in the past”. This is a powerful argument and a coherent, reinforced by the intense look on the face of Strange when the Stone Time fleet up to Thanos. If you watch the scene again, you realize that he knows that this moment is necessary. Even Thanos throws him a suspicious glare. But to see if this theory was really a matter of the possible, it will have to wait until 24 April 2019 !